About University of Toronto Taekwondo Organization

About Us

We are a student-run club whose mission is to spread our love of the sport of Taekwondo through the University of Toronto community. We run registered classes at Hart House for people of all skill levels, from beginners to black belts. We strive to provide a safe and fun environment for everyone to practice and refine their skills. We also get together outside of training at our many socials, such as Pub Nights, Beach day, our annual trip to Hart House Farm, and more. Since UofT is often soul-crushingly lonely, being part of the club gives us a chance to meet new people, stay healthy, train hard and take a break from school!

Originally the Trinity College Taekwondo Club, the club was created in 2006 by a group of Taekwondo enthusiasts and practitioners. Before the club, there had not been any real or proper attempt to offer a qualified level of instruction to the students. The founding group members realized that there lacked a dedicated club that seriously understood or demonstrated the physical and mental discipline of the sport and art. With such thoughts in mind, the founding members of UTTO strove to offer a strong focus on safety, self-defence, fitness, physical self-control, and mental discipline to all club members.

About Taekwondo

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art. In addition to being the national sport of South Korea, it is regarded as the world’s most popular martial art, if measured by the number of practitioners. Taekwondo is currently well known for its dynamic and fast kicking techniques, although it also involves a variety of other hand techniques as well. There are two styles of Taekwondo. The majority of UTTO practices the style which originates from the Kukkiwon and is governed by World Taekwondo Federation (WTF). The other martial art style is governed by the International Taekwondo Federation (ITF). The two styles are technically and doctrinally different, but still retain many similarities.

Taekwondo contains both artistic and athletic aspects. An important part of the artistic aspect are Poomsae, which literally means "form" or "pattern". They are sequences of typical Taekwondo techniques. One of the main requirements of attaining a higher rank in Taekwondo belt tests is to demonstrate sufficient skill in performing the appropriate Poomsae. Poomsae are also often tested in competitions at many levels, including internationally.

Under WTF rules, Olympic Taekwondo sparring is a strategic, full contact technical sport. A typical match usually involves two fully equipped competitors, one referee, 4 score keeping referees and a square ring 10 meters wide. 1 point is awarded for a proper kick to the chest, 2 points awarded for a successful kick to the head. Grappling and grabbing techniques are not allowed and are penalized if utilized. There are three 2-minute rounds per match under the regulated time and the competitor with the most points after the 3 rounds wins the match. In the event of a tie, a fourth "sudden death" match will ensue. For the most updated rules, visit the WTF site.

If you are interested in training with us, register for one of our classes! You can find information on our classes and a link to register under schedule. Also, follow our Facebook page (shown on the Contact page) to stay updated on social events!
This will depend on your level of experience. If you have minimal amount of hand to hand combat then we recommend our beginner’s class. If you are proficient enough in Taekwondo, i.e., know the basic kicks, and wish to gain sparring experience, then join the intermediate class. If you seek to challenge your skills against other University-level athletes and are willing to commit to more intense training, sign up for the competitive class. Please note that our competitive team is mainly sparring based, so make sure you have some sparring background. If you’re unsure about which class to join, come to the beginner’s class and talk to our instructors after class to discuss moving up into the intermediate or competitive class or send us a message.
If you are in beginner or intermediate class, the number of classes you go to is up to you, though we recommend you go to as many as possible if you want to improve. We do expect people on the Competitive Team to attend as many sessions as possible and let us know if you can’t make one. We will also have one fitness session per week and competitive team members are expected to attend as many as possible.
The prices for class per semester are listed on the Hart House website and range from $60-90. The prices are set by Hart House. For more information, please visit http://harthouse.ca/martial-arts/ and click on either Intermediate/Advanced, Competitive, or beginner for more information.
A full set of uniform or UTTO t-shirt + taekwondo pants are required for the beginner classes, we sell the uniform + t-shirt in a discounted bundle, please talk to the execs for prices. Full set of uniform is mandatory for all Intermediate/Advanced and competitive members.
Many of our current members are athletes that took Taekwondo when they were younger and took it up again in University. It’s a friendly environment. Our classes hopefully will help you regain your past skills and memories for Taekwondo. We recommend you sign up for either intermediate or competitive classes.
If it’s in the first half of the semester, you can still sign up for the classes. If you’d like to see what the classes are like, see the question below.
We usually offer one free trial class per semester. You can send us a message on Facebook or an email at uofttaekwondo@gmail.com. If you want to see what the classes are like, feel free to drop by any of them to watch or ask the instructors questions about the classes. We don’t bite… (usually)
Yes, this year we’re doing colour belt testing in the fall and both colour and black belt testing in the winter. We can currently test up to 3rd dan (black belt). Information on signups will be provided in class. There is an additional fee to cover the cost of the test itself as well as the extra practice sessions in preparation for the testing. So get practicing!!!!!
Beginners class will not include sparring for safety reasons. Intermediate class will provide an introduction to sparring, while competitive practice will focus heavily on sparring allowing athletes to be well prepared for several competitions throughout the year.
We will be hosting poomsae sessions for those that wants to test, or are just practicing poomsae for interest (yes they are very interesting indeed!) weekly starting in September, along with testing practice sessions. Join our Facebook Group for dates and times for the poomsae sessions!
We do World Taekwondo Federation-style (WTF) Taekwondo.If you are used to doing another style, such as International Taekwondo Federation, (ITF) you are still welcome to train with us. However, please note that we will be utilizing the WTF rules and regulations for safety and security purposes, talk to the instructors for any questions.
Yes, we do! If you are interested in competing please register under the Competitive team. If you are serious about taekwondo, but lack experience please talk to the exec team or the instructors for more information about joining the competitive team. However, you don’t need to be a black belt, you just need the love for sparring. In the past year the UTTO team has participated in the University League competition, where we competed with other University Clubs.

Andus Lau

Heey guys! My name’s Andus and I’m the President for the upcoming year. Taekwondo has always been a huge part of my life both as a high-performance athlete and as a UofT Student. I’ve been with the UTTO community both as an instructor and as an executive member in the past years and I’m excited to further enhance our Taekwondo experience. If you have any questions about the club feel free to send me a message. Let’s have a great year.

Karen Yang
Vice President - Internal

Hi guys, I'm going into my 4th year in Pharmaceutical Chemistry. I have been taking taekwondo for almost 9 years now and as your VP Internal I will be helping out with the organization of the club, so you can feel free to throw questions at me. I will also be running poomsae sessions with Doyun so stay tuned for that! Not so fun fact: I eat A LOT, but I'm still on the verge of being underweight, meh.

Doyun Kim
Vice President - External

Hi y'all! I'm a 4th year East Asian Studies student who's spent all his years at UofT in UTTO. I was an exec last year, and I am your VP External and an instructor, so feel free to approach me any time about anything- I'm always glad to chat. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and where we'll take the club, #fighting! Fun fact: I beatbox a bit on the side.

Sebastian Gajewski
Financial Director

Howdy all, my name's Sebastian and I am a 3rd year Engineering Science student. This is only my second year doing taekwondo, so feel free to approach me, even if it's just to chat. I am UTTO's financial director and as such will be handling all of the club's financial aspects. Fun fact: my favorite pastime is woodworking/building stuff.

Derek Chau
Communications Director

Hey what's up! My name's Derek and I'm a 4th year Computer Science student on my PEY term right now. I'm UTTO's Communications director and I've been doing taekwondo for a while now so chat me up whenever you feel like it.

Lyn Shang
Media Director

Hi guys! I'm a 4th year pharmaceutical chemistry student and this is my first year with UTTO. I am a beginner, so don't worry if you think you are not so good, because I am probably worse. So feel free to come to me as your "beginner representative"! Fun fact about me: I am a vegetarian, don't hate.

Sarah Dhiyaa
Social Director

Hey fellow taekwondo practitioners! My name is Sarah and this is my second year doing taekwondo. Iam currently the social director of UTTO so iam in charge of planning this year'sn FUN events!!! So if you have any ideas about future events feel free to contact me and let me know so we can ensure the enjoyment of everyone in UTTO!! Cheers guys :)

William Rodgers
Logistics Director

Hi everyone, my name is William Rodgers! I'm a 3rd year Rotman commerce student specializing in finance. I am a 4th Dan black belt and have been doing taekwondo for 15years now. I am a national referee, national coach and national team member as an athlete! I will/am the intermediate and competitive coach as well as the logistics director for this year! I'm a chill and easy to talk to guy so don't be scared to come and say hi!

Past Execs

  • President: Courtney Siu
  • Vice President: Cindy Park
  • Vice President: Ruben Tjhie
  • Tournament/Fitness Director: Andus Lau
  • Co-Testing Director: Brandon Cox
  • Co-Testing Director: Doyun Kim
  • Finance Director: Chris Wong
  • Social Director: Zoe Zhao
  • Communications Director: Wan Xian Koh
  • Logistics Director: Jorge Armijos
  • Media/Webmaster: Karen Yang
  • President: Jess Chan
  • Vice President: Russell Luke
  • Vice President: Sean Pollock
  • Tournament Director: Alex Cheng
  • Fitness Director: Derek Ratz
  • Finance Director: Chris W.
  • Social Director: Cindy Park
  • Communications Director: Ruben Tjhie
  • Logistics Director: Jeffrey Kwok
  • Marketing/Media Director: Daphne Wang
  • Webmaster: Courtney Siu
  • President: Donald Joseph
  • Vice President: Sherman Lai
  • Vice President: Derek Ratz
  • Tournament Director: Jess Chan
  • Fitness Director: Angela Sinilaite
  • Finance Director: Sean Pollock
  • Social Director: Russell Luke
  • Communication Director: Jeff Kwok
  • Logistic Director: Elizabeth Landry
  • Media Director: Nathan Chau
  • Webmaster: Alex Cheng
  • President: Alex Cheng
  • Vice President: Piotr Wnuk
  • Vice President: Natalie Hui
  • Tournament Director: Donald Joseph
  • Fitness Director: Derek Ratz
  • Finance Director: Sherman Lai
  • Social Director: Sean Pollock
  • Communication Director: Jackie Tang
  • Logistic Director: Joanne Lee
  • Media Director: Nathan Chau
  • Webmaster: Alex Cheng
  • Co-President: Esman L Calles
  • Co-President: Shelby Zhang
  • Vice President: Bilal Suboor
  • Finance Director: Rebecca Pan
  • External Director: Grayson Lee
  • Social Director: Julie Manalo
  • Communications & Logistics Director: Alex Cheng
  • Media Director: Natalie Hui
  • Fitness Coach: Peter Wnuk
  • Webmaster: Alan Cheung
  • President: Esman L Calles
  • Vice President: Shelby Zhang
  • Vice President: Tracy Tang
  • Logistics Director: Bilal Suboor
  • Social Director: Lin Xi
  • Finance Director: Yangyang Wang
  • Communication Director: Sally Jeon
  • Tournament Director: Kim Min Gyu
  • Fitness Coach: Konrad Salata
  • Fitness Coach: Basra Bana
  • Webmaster: Thaksha Kaneshapillai
  • Co-President: Jessica Suddaby
  • Co-President: Francis Do
  • Logistics Director: Esman L Calles
  • Social Director: Shelby Zhang
  • Social Director: Gemma Leung
  • Finance Director: Tracy Tang
  • Communication Director: Yanyang Wang
  • Head Coach, Instructor: Timothy Naweed
  • Fitness Coach: Marc Racette
  • Fitness Coach: Lex Wei
  • Webmaster: George Lai
  • President, Fitness Coach, Instructor: Timothy Naweed
  • Vice President: Jessica Suddaby
  • Director of Communications: Janet Tong
  • Director of Finance: Lavender Zhang
  • Captain, Instructor, Fitness Coach: Owyn Notario
  • Captain, Instructor: Francis Do
  • President: Dan YJ Cho
  • Vice President: Sang Ik Song
  • Vice President: Kevin Jones
  • Director of Finance: Darryl Koh
  • Director of Events: Tania Grafstein-Ho
  • Director of Communications: Chereen Park
  • President: Robert K So
  • Vice President: Sang Ik Song
  • Vice President: Dan YJ Cho
  • Director of Finance: Sundae Zhu
  • Directors of Events: Nicodemus Oey, Kevin Jones
  • Director of Marketing: Augustine Kwok
  • Director of Administration: Kathleen Chang