All of our classes are held at Hart House. For more information, visit their website.

Fall 2017

Beginner Class

Friday 6:10pm - 7pm
Hart House - Activities Room
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Intermediate/Advanced Class

Wednesday 9:10pm - 10pm and Saturday 5:10 - 6pm
Hart House - Activities Room
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Competitive Class

Tuesday 10:10pm - 11pm and Saturday 6:10 - 8pm
Hart House - Activities Room
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Belt Testing

Our belt testing is open to anyone signed up for a class. We do belt testing once a semester with Master Kim at Sport Taekwondo. We can do testing for up to 2nd Dan and black belt testing includes Kukkiwon certification. Testing requires an extra fee, which varies depending on the belt. Students who sign up for testing will be required to attend extra practice sessions to learn all the required material for the test. A uniform is also required. Sign-up will be announced in class and on our Facebook page.

Competitive Team

The competitive team represents the University by competing at local tournaments sanctioned by the Ontario Taekwondo Association. Although the team is open to all belt-levels, we expect commitment from our members. If you want to improve your sparring, this is for you. We also compete against other university Taekwondo clubs and have training sessions with them. We like to train hard, but we also like to have fun! We often have our own parties and events. If you're interested and want more information, contact us!


Poomsae is the forms or patterns constructed by using a series of different taekwondo movements, and is great for those that wish to learn about the "art" of taekwondo. Our organization is now hosting separate classes for those that are interested in either recreational poomsae or competitive poomsae. Many of our members compete in poomsae at tournaments. If you are interested in comepeting in poomsae or just wants to learn poomsae, feel free to join in our extra poomsae sessions. If you're interested and want more information, contact us!

William Rodgers

Hi everyone, my name is William Rodgers! I'm a 3rd year Rotman commerce student specializing in finance. I am a 4th Dan black belt and have been doing taekwondo for 15years now. I am a national referee, national coach and national team member as an athlete! I will/am the intermediate and competitive coach as well as the logistics director for this year! I'm a chill and easy to talk to guy so don't be scared to come and say hi!

Doyun Kim

Hi y'all! I'm a 4th year East Asian Studies student who's spent all his years at UofT in UTTO. I was an exec last year, and I am your VP External and an instructor, so feel free to approach me any time about anything- I'm always glad to chat. Looking forward to seeing everyone, and where we'll take the club, #fighting! Fun fact: I beatbox a bit on the side.

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